Privacy & Policy

To protect your personal information and prevent unauthorized access, we have implemented appropriate security measures and certifications. We have an SSL site and the user must use it to protect the transmission of information while performing online transactions.
Although no system is fully tested, including ours, we will continue to use Internet security procedures to ensure your data stays safe with us.
When you open, browse, use this site for transactions or to store data / information, you agree to abide by the latest revised privacy policy in effect at that time. If you use a social network or other service that stores your information, it is governed by its terms of use and privacy policy.

While Republic holidays employs the necessary security measures, it is limited by the technology used by Republic Holidays and / or its partners in various processes. Republic Holidays is not responsible for the loss of data resulting from malicious attempts to endanger your systems or those of your partners / suppliers. The navigation / use / transaction of the customer on the site complies with the said limitation and exposure.

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